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Memory Lane is a 3-hour LIVE show featuring "Old Time Rock and Roll" music.  We play the charted hits from the 60's and 70's, one hit wonders and covers.  

We don't just play songs, we play memories. Our database contains charted tunes from a variety of popular groups.  Before cell phones, before CD-ROMS, before microwave ovens and before SUV's wasn't life much simpler?  If you remember The Motown sound; Drive-in Movies and Cruising your Main Street, then sit back, listen, enjoy and reminisce with the tunes that will never die!

Hilltop Radio was looking for a presenter who was smart, had a good vocabulary, a sense of humour and had tons of charisma.  Instead we got Big Bob, a native of Detroit, Motown , Michigan.  Bob's Memory Lane show features "Old Time Rock & Roll" along with chart hits from the 50's 60's and 70's, including one hit wonders and covers.


Big Bob


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