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Big Fat Party Anthems with Big Tommy  Here On Hilltop Radio The Phenomenon That Is ‘Big Fat Party Anthems’ Means that Music Will Never Be Quite The Same Again.

Big Tommy started spinning the plastic during the 80s & 90s as a DJ with his mobile disco road shows in the pubs & clubs of Glasgow and Lanarkshire in Scotland, He’s been involved with community and commercial radio since 2006.

Big Tommy’s “Big Fat Party Anthems Show” is in our opinion, the richest danciest program in the world.

With its breathless BANGIN Beat, this supercharged HIGH energy music will take you through the late hours.

In the breaks from playing his favourite music, Tommy loves to eat pasta, pizza, kebabs and of course, a good “Chinese”.

That could be why they call him “Big Tommy”!

Big Tommy


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