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I have been involved with music since 1962, when I joined my first band as lead singer and then spent the next six years on the road touring, both the UK and the Continent.

I spent approx ten years, until recently, as a gigging DJ with my mobile disco on the current rock 'n' roll scene, again, working both the UK and the Continent.

My main musical taste is basically 50's style rock and roll from back in the day, right through to the present. If it has a 50's "feel", then it's included into my collection, which in my book includes mainstream and classic rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, Doo Wop, Blues, Boogie, and Jump Blues.

Most of the sets within the program are themed, i.e. a certain style or a particular artist etc, and I have modelled it on the Jack Jackson Show which was listened to on Radio Luembourg, and includes sound bytes and snippets from comedy shows, films and records. I also give record release dates, labels, and artist (s) info to every track as I know there are a lot of people, who like me, look for that kind of information.

Over all, my show has a light hearted approach to all things rock and roll but is serious in its content.

I am very pleased to be associated with Hilltop Radio and look forward to a long and bright future.

Ken Strange


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