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The aims of Hilltop Radio are:

Our driving force is to get as many members involved as possible in a relevant and current local radio station.

The main thing we are trying to do is ‘create a local radio station that improves community spirit, adds to the area’s quality of life, and helps to support and regenerate the local community.’

The other things we are all trying to achieve are:

Stream recorded and/or live programmes on the internet.

Deliver a spectrum of programmes that allow, within legal limits, expressions of opinion and opportunities to learn.

Raise awareness of ‘what’s on’ in the area and other key public information.

Promote and celebrate the local culture, such as music, and heritage.

Use the process to bring the community together and create a sense of pride.

Provide ongoing opportunities for people to develop their skills and knowledge through training, specific roles and/or positions of responsibility.

Create a well-run local radio station that results in a positive image of the local area.

Maintain popularity, volunteer numbers, and raise sufficient money to sustain the station.