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A Place Called Calvary

Auntie Vi

Feathered Friends

House or Home

If Only

Over the Top

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Rice Pudding Again

The Village Barbecue

What A Load of Rubbish

A  Weightwatcher’s Guide to Christmas

A Visit to the Dentist

Ashby Canal

The Cormorant

The Cottage Garden

The Village Bypass

The Winding Wheel

Autumn Leaves


Holiday Packing

Homeless at Christmas

Leicestershire Born and Bred



Remember to Forget

Simon of Cyrene

The Age of the Bus Pass

The Miracle of Dunkirk Sand


Pay and Display

Sounds of a Century

The Cost of Christmas

The Telephone Answering Machine

We Will Remember Them

The Age of the Bus Pass

and other thoughts

written and read by

Malcolm Lapper

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